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Changing the Way You Think About Flavors for Over 90 Years

We Are The
Spice Experts

Con Yeager is the home to spice experts with more than 300 years of combined professional experience in spice research, scientific studies, and award-winning chefs.

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Uncompromising Quality

Our commitment to never compromising on quality, safety, freshness, and flavor drives everything we do.

Over 90 Years
of Flavor

Conrad Yeager had an appetite for bringing top quality spices and custom blends to meat processors in Western PA. More than 90 years later, we’re still family-owned and family-operated and holding true to Conrad’s promise that we’ll never compromise on quality, safety, freshness, or flavor.


Spice Origin

We globally source all of our ingredients from our carefully vetted suppliers to bring you the safest, highest-quality, most flavorful, and most economical spices and seasonings.



Our processing facilities meet all federal regulations and allergen separation requirements. We recently expanded to increase our production capacity and meet ever-increasing demand.



Our complete inventory of spices, seasonings, and custom blends are kept ready-to-ship and distributed out of our 90,000 square foot distribution warehouse New Castle, PA.

Latest News & Recipes

Cured Meat Recipes

BEEF HONEY SNACK STICK 50 lbs. Beef Trim 1 package Con Yeager Pepper Stick #40471 2 lbs. cold water 2 lbs. Con Yeager White Sugar #32411 2 lbs. Honey 6 oz. Con Yeager Encapsulated Citric Acid #39248 2 oz. Con Yeag...

Classic Recipes

DELI-STYLE DUTCH LOAF 35 lbs. Pork Trim 15 lbs. Beef Trim 10 lbs. cold water 1 package Con Yeager Smoked Sausage #40527 2.5 lbs. Con Yeager Bestate DP-2 #32535 2 lbs. Con Yeager Circle S Binder #31919 5.6 oz. Con Y...

Sausage & Brat Recipes

BROCCOLI AND CHEESE SAUSAGE 25 lbs. Boneless pork, poultry or beef, 12 oz. cold water 2.5 lbs. Con Yeager Hi-Melt American cheese #38927 Con Yeager Pork sausage seasoning #31871 4 lbs. frozen broccoli florettes 1/2 oz. TSP #318...

Deli Style Dutch Loaf

Formula: Pork Trimmings 80/20 70.00 lb. Beef Trimmings 80/20 30.00 Water 20.00 Con Yeager’s Smoked Sausage #1070-1090 5.63 C.Y. Trumark Bestate DP-2 #1396 4.75 C.Y. Circle S Binder #1113 4.00 C....

Old Fashioned Olive Loaf

Formula Beef trimmings 80% lean 55.00 lb. Pork Trim 40% lean 25.00 Water 25.00* Pork trimmings 80% lean 20.00 Salad Olives 12.00 C.Y. Bolo-Frank OF #837 8.00 C.Y. Circle S Binder #1113 5.00 C.Y. Tru...

Pancetta - Dry Cured Italian Bacon

Dry Rub Cure Salt, Coarse Pretzel - 5.00 lb. Sugar - 2.00 Black Pepper, Coarse - 1.50 Granulated Garlic - 0.80 CY Cure #813 - 0.32 Ground Nutmeg - 0.31 Ground Bay Leaves - 0.04 Rubbed Thyme - 0.03 -------...