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Pancetta - Dry Cured Italian Bacon

Dry Rub Cure

Salt, Coarse Pretzel - 5.00 lb.

Sugar - 2.00

Black Pepper, Coarse - 1.50

Granulated Garlic - 0.80

CY Cure #813 - 0.32

Ground Nutmeg - 0.31

Ground Bay Leaves - 0.04

Rubbed Thyme - 0.03


Total 10.00 lb.


  1. Assemble curing mixture and apply at a rate of 10 lb. per 100 pounds of pork bellies either by hand rubbing or using a vacuum tumbler.
  2. Stack bellies lean to lean side and fat to fat side in a nonreactive container.
  3. Refrigerate for 5 days and then overhaul by restacking the bellies that were on the top to be on the bottom.
  4. Remove any liquid that has accumulated and refrigerate for another 5 days.
  5. At this point the bellies should be very firm to the touch. If they are not, then overhaul again and refrigerate another 3-5 days.
  6. Wash bellies to remove all of the dry rub cure and then apply a light coating of black pepper to the lean side.
  7. Roll pork bellies tightly and tie. Be sure not to have any air pockets. This should remind you of a jelly roll when done. (see photo)
  8. Pancetta can also be dried flat by hanging with a bacon hanger.
  9. Dry at 50-60 F. / 60-70% RH for 3-4 months