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Product Size Guide

For immediate service, call 800-222-2460 (Mon - Fri, 8 AM - 4:30 PM EST)

We offer only the freshest spices, seasonings, and specialty items, backed by superior support and technical knowledge. We strive to provide products with exceptional value and are proud of our offerings.

If you need spices for home cooking or meat processing (fresh sausage, curing, smoking), would like to start a meat processing business, or expand an existing meat business with new items, we can help! We have technological expertise in every aspect of processed meats manufacturing, and we are well-known for this expertise in the industry.

We manufacture all of our seasonings, curing salts, and blended binders.

We can do custom blending of your own formula, with custom labeling (your name, your logo) in bulk packs or in plastic containers upon request. (The minimum quantity for a custom blend is normally 100 lbs of mix.)

Plastic containers (pictured below) in 160, 64, 32, 16, and 4 fl. oz size are available for individual purchase, case purchase, or discounted fundraiser purchase. We also sell products in bulk packaging (bags), which are commonly used all at once, such as to season larger meat batches.

Please call our Customer Support for more details or with any questions at 800-222-2460.


Volumetric capacity in fluid ounces shown in above image.

A fluid ounce is not the same as an ounce that measures mass/weight. We display the product weight in ounces on the front of each jar. The weight of a product will vary by its density. If you order a half gallon (64 fluid ounces) of dried basil, please don't expect it to weigh 64 (mass) ounces.

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